Bathroom Demolition Company


Bathroom Interior Demolition Service of NYC

Call the Trash it Man for any bathroom demolition job in New York and the surrounding NYC metro area. We do bathroom rip out work in Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn and the Bronx.

Below is a bathroom demolition job we did in Brooklyn, NYC.

Bathroom Demolition in a Brooklyn, New York apartment. Removal of entire contents of bathroom including fixtures and interior walls. Only the bathtub was saved. Removed tile walls, and tiled flooring. Ripped out the interior divider walls and plumbing. Rip out the toilet and plumbing.


Below are photos of a bathroom rip out we did in Manhattan, NYC.

The Trash it Man team gutted out the complete interior of the bathroom. This included the wall mounted mirrors, rip out the counter tops, sink removal, tile floor removal and all wall and ceiling fixtures. The under sink cabinets were demolished and removed. Bathroom toilets, urinals and stalls were dismantled and taken out. All rubbish was removed from the site and the place was swept clean.


Other communities we serve include: