Bulk Material Removal


Bulk Items and Heavy Material Removal

Call the Trash it Man to remove any large or heavy bulk items or materials. Our crew has the equipment necessary to move anything from massive, heavy manufacturing plant machinery and equipment to large stone slabs.

Huge wooden crates and pallets, manufacturing waste and other bulk rubbish are all no problem. Machine shop, wood shop and assembly line machines are some of the things we have picked up in the past. Large assembly robots and equipment removal. Air moving and ventilation duct work and blower units dismantled and removed.


We also have the ability to move large freezer units, appliances, work benches and desks. Air conditioner units and large garage doors and fencing.

We can move boiler room machinery and equipment, furnaces and oil tanks, radiator and central heating.

If you have large, heavy bulk materials to dispose of, call the Trash it man.

We remove bulk waste and heavy items in the following:

New York Metro areas including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx and Queens.