Bulk Trash Removal


If you have tons of garbage to dispose of - call the Trash it Man. No matter how much or how large the amount of trash, we can handle it. Our trash hauling truck has a 2,500 pound lift gate to take deal with even the heaviest of bulk trash removal jobs.

We can pick up curbside garbage, recycling bags and spring cleaning refuse. Your trash does not even need to be by the curb or even ouside for us to take it. It doesnt even need to be in bags yet! We can pick up trash from your home, basement or garage for you. Our compacting truck makes sure that we can remove lots of garbage in a single trip.

If the sidewalks or alleyways by your home or apartment are getting cluttered with too much discarded trash, call us to clean it up. Junk furniture that has been sitting outside for years is no problem. Old childrens toys and electric powered toys can be hauled away with ease. Call our team for your bulk trash pickup job today.


If you are located in New York City or the surrounding five borroughs, then you can count on the Trash it Man to pick up your bulk rubbish today. We are a top rated trash removal company.

Even large chunks of scrap metal, steel or iron gates and fences or concrete slabs are all no problem. If you have just finished cleaning out your home of old junk, then call us to remove it for you. If the garage is overflowing with trash, we can help.

Call the Trash it Man for your trash pick up in Queens, Manhattan or Brooklyn, NYC.

The Trash it Man team serves bulk trash removal Queens. Often we get called out for a bulk trash pickup job in Brooklyn. We are very popular also in Manhattan bulk trash removal services.