Bulk Computer Recycling


Computers / Rackmounts / Data Center Recycling

Computer room and data center dismantling, removal and disposal service of New York City. We can remove all your rack mount pcs, framing, rack mount cabinets and cables. Huge, old bulk computer servers removed. Removal of all old computer servers, racks, network cables and monitors plus all related wires.

Dismantling and removal of computer room air conditioning units. We can cart out all old storage cabinets, and rip out old analog phone systems and wiring.

We can rip out all the old equipment in your existing datacenter including raised computer floor and all cables. Full data center demolition including all surrounding hardware and telecommunications equipment.


We can also remove all old backup generators, UPS and other power backup equipment and wiring. We pick up old crt monitors and tft flat screens as well.

The Trash it Man has all the equipment necessary to dismantle, remove and properly dispose of or recycle any computer equipment and data center waste. Huge tape drives and hard drive backup machines removed.

We can even remove all fire suppression systems from your old computer rooms. Removal of private cages, secure cabinets, power circuits, data servers and blade servers.

Disposal and recyling of all computers, equipment and materials. No job is too large or small for us.

Electronic Equipment Recycling

Recycle Old Used Electronic Equipment

We also recycle old electronic equipment and electronic gadgets. This includes old photocopiers, office fax machines, televisions and stereos. Old, tired and worn out movie projectors and speaker systems. Adding machines, printers, copy machines and scanners can be recycled by our team.

Dont let your old electronics end up in the landfill. Call the Trash it Man to pick up and dispose of your old electronics properly.


Data Center, Computer Removal and Electronic Equipment Disposal services for the following:

Serving all New York Metro areas including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx and Queens.