Demolition Waste Removal


Commercial Demolition Site Waste Removal. If you are a demolition company and need to dispose of any bulk waste built up from a demolition job, call the Trash it Man. Complete removal of all demolition debris. We have our own laborers, equipment and trucks so you dont have to move anything. We also arrange to sort, recycle or dump everything in the proper places, saving you the time and trouble.

Renovation bulk rubbish removal service as well. We will pick up any sort of bulk or heavy garbage on construction sites and renovation jobs. Bulk concrete pick up and disposal, metal and wood framing, plaster, plywood and paneling removal.

Disposal of tiles, carpeting and linoleum. Dispose of glass and windows, brick and mortar, rebar and steel framework and i-beams.

If you want it removed, we can pick it up.


The Trash it Man is a fully insured and licensed demolition waste removal company in New York. We serve the complete New York Metro area including Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx and Queens. Plus all outlying areas of NYC.

No job is too large for our team to handle. We can pick up anything from drywall and particle board fragments to large, heavy steel pieces. Build in HVAC units and large garage doors and metal gates are no problem.