Drop Ceiling Removal


Drop Ceiling, Frame and Fixture Removal

If you are renovating, moving or just making a change, call the Trash it Man to rip out your old drop ceiling, framing and fixtures.

We can remove all drop ceiling panels and tiles. Removal of accoustical ceiling tiles and ceiling speakers. Also removal of all air and ventilation ductwork and air registers. Our team can remove all recessed lighting, hi-hats, track lighting, fluorescent fixtures and all wiring, ballasts and cables associated with them.

We will also rip out all metal grid supports, intermediate bars, pencil rod and black iron supports from your suspended ceilings.


The Trash it Man team has everything necessary to remove any drop hung ceiling. We will even dispose of all waste material afterwards. This is a one stop service for all drop ceiling removal needs.

Our team can safely remove all fire prevention systems including fire sprinkler systems and all connecting water pipes. We dismantle your complete suspended ceiling if needed and dispose of all trash ourselves.

Drop Ceiling Removal Company

Serving all New York Metro areas including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx and Queens.