Appliance & Electronic Removal


Appliance & Electronics Items Removal

The Trash it Man is the company to call for all appliance and electronics disposal services. If you have bulk, heavy appliances or unwanted electronic items laying around, call us. We have our own team and truck to cart out unwanted appliances and electronics.

We often remove old fridges, tvs, microwaves, ovens and stove tops and other kitchen appliances. Dishwasher pick up and removal service. Refridgerator removal and recycling. We can remove old air conditioners from walls or windows and dispose of them.

Home electronics such as stereo systems, televisions and record players and electronic gadgets can be picked up by us. Even large, old console type stereo systems and record players can be taken out by the Trash it Man team.


If you are located in one of the five borroughs of New York, including Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx and Staten Island, call the Trash it Man to pick up and dispose of your old unwanted appliances and electronics.

Remove and pick up old hot water heaters from your basement or utility room. Your old washer and dryer can be disposed of by us. Even a washer and dryer combo is no problem for the Trash it Man to remove. Pickup of central heating system and oil tank. Dismantling of the central heating and cooling system in your home.

Electronic & Appliance Removal Company

Serving all New York Metro areas including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx and Queens.