Clutter Removal Services - NYC


Clutter Removal Services of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, NY

Often, we start saving up recyclable materials, thinking that one day we will take it all in to the recycling center. This can include tin cans or soda cans, bottles saved for deposit, newspapers and cardboard packaging. Also, we save up plastic materials and glass bottles - waiting for the day that we will take it all in for a bit of change. As the months or years pass by, this can get out of hand and the house starts to fill up. If this is the case, call the Trash it Man to help.

The corner of the kitchen, utility room or basement often starts to pile up with empty cleaning bottles and detergent containers.

If you know someone who has compulsive hoarding disorder let the Trash it Man reclaim your needed space and help get your life back together.


Our typical clients include Queens, Brooklyn and Manhattan estate executors, who enjoy the use of our services, because we fund the project up front, including disposal costs. We only get paid at the end of the closing of a piece of real estate. We carry the proper insurance and licensing.

New home owners in Queens, NY often call us to remove unwanted clutter or built up junk left over from the previous owners. Brooklyn Landlords and property owners use our services for eviction clean out services.

Call the Trash it Man for any New York services from average household junk removal to assisted living move outs. We handle it all.

Let us perform apartment or house clean out services to clear out the clutter and junk from your Manhattan NYC home or property, making space livable again so you can breath easier. The Trash it Man team are experts in the NY residential clutter removal service area. We provide the labor, equipment and Clutter Removal Service, allowing the job to be done in a professional and timely manner.

Do not be misled by companies charging by the truckload. We know that people do not have open checkbooks, so we give one solid price for the start of a job, in writing, with no hidden charges and based on what we agree upon. To back up our professional services, we get paid only upon completion of a job - period.


We can handle decluttering of your personal residence in one or two days with our garbage crushing truck. We remove your unwanted personal items discretely to our compacting truck so neighbors are not disturbed.

Other communities we serve include: