Fire Damage Cleanup


Fire, Smoke and Water damage clean up.

We are experts in the clean up of Fire, Water and Smoke damage after a residential fire. Leave it to the Trash it Man to remove all interior contents, trash, fire and smoke damaged walls, floor, ceilings and carpets.

Our professionally trained team will do all the work for you. Simply call us to remove all fire damaged materials in a burn out.


The Trash it Man team can clean out any damaged clothing or personal effects that were ruined in a fire. Smoke and water damaged materials, curtains, and furniture can be disposed of by our team. Fire damaged waste removal service of the greater New York area including Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn and Bronx.

We are also an interior demolition team, that means we can remove any interior walls, floor and ceiling that were damaged in a fire. Since we have our own equipment, tools and truck, we can remove all waste and rubbish left over from the fire.

Call us for the following:

Fire, Water and Smoke Damage Clean Up service in Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx and New York City area.