Furniture Removal Services


Furniture Removal Specialists of New York City.

If you are collecting too much old furniture in the basement, attic or garage, the Trash it Man can help. Our team will clean out old furniture, chairs, tables, shelves and office equipment. You dont even need to lift a finger.

We pick up and remove your old sofa, refridgerator, washing machine, oven, appliances, kitchen table, computer desk and anything else. Your used furniture will be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.

Whether your junk furniture is on the curb already or in the basement, we will dispose of it properly for you. Call the Trash it man for your furniture disposal needs today.

The photos below show a fully furnished home where the Trash it Man team was called in to remove the entire contents. If you inherit a home or estate, we can clean out the property for you. Also helping realtors and landlords with eviction clean outs.


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