Garage Cleanout


Garage Clean Out Service of New York

Often the garage becomes a collection point for all of our unused items. It becomes the place to toss all our storage items. With time, the garage gets cluttered beyond hope. This is the time to call the Trash it Man.

No garage is too large or too small for us to clean out. No matter if it is a one or two car garage, wooden or cinder block construction garage, we can clean it out for you. Removal of old tires, patio furniture, gazebo removal and disposal, old siding material, broken power tools and machines and hand tool disposal.

We can remove shelving from the walls of your NYC garage. Disposal of old crates and boxes as well as packing material that collects in the corner of your garage. Often books and old magazines pile up and need removal. Rubbish removal from your garage. Whatever needs cleaning out of your garage - call the Trash it Man for your garage clean up service in the New York Metro area.


Removal of appliances, old filing cabinets, metal or plastic shelving. Broken or old lawn mower and snow blower disposal. We can take your old bbq grill and tanks. We recycle metal and plastic gas cans. We can take old car, motorcycle and boat parts and tire rims.

If you have junk garden tools and wheelbarrows or yard waste built up in your garage, we can handle it for you. We will even clear out the rafters of your garage of any unwanted items that have collected there over the years. Many garages collect old wood and boards in the rafters. No problem for our team.

Call the Trash it Man to clean out your garage while you relax. Serving Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx and the NY Metro area.

Other communities we serve include: