Household Junk Removal


If your house gets cluttered and the stuff starts getting piled up and out of control, call the Trash it Man to help.

Our team can discretely clean out any garbage from your home. No matter how much or how little, we will take care of it for you. Any old junk that is laying around can be removed by our professionals. We can remove carpet scraps, trash and bulk waste materials, even a piano is no problem.

Window and built in air conditioners can also be disposed of by the Trash it Man team. If you have just inherited a home or estate and do not have the time to deal with the junk left behind, call us. We can leave the house swept clean if needed. We clean out any room in the house including the attic and basement.


The Trash it Man is the way to go for any household rubbish removal in the New York area. Call us for your garbage pickup and trash collection services.

The Trash it Man serves the NYC area including Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx and Manhattan and the surrounding Metropolitan areas.