How We Protect Your Home


Protecting Your Property Before Work Begins.

Before we begin any work in your New York City house, apartment, rental or estate - we make sure to protect all work surfaces from damage and dirt. This means setting up protecive covering on the floors, walls, stairwells and doorways.

We make sure that your valuable home is not damaged during a house cleanout, rubbish removal, furniture removal or interior demolition job. Our team is trained to work safely in luxury condominiums and valuable estates.

The walls get covered with roslyn paper and blue tape to keep it safe from scratches or dings as we cart out the rubbish and waste material from your apartment.

The stairways get protected with masonite boards and drop cloths to keep the carpeting and stone floors clean and free of scratches and dirt.

Curtain walls are used to keep other nearby rooms free of dirt, dust and debris during an interior demolition job.

3 ml plastic sheeting is often used when needed to cover your valuable walls and floors from scratches.


No matter what the job, we have everything necessary to keep the work area free of dirt, debris and scrapes before we begin working.

You can rest assured that our trained and professional team will take every precaution to protect your valuables from dust during an interior demolition project. Room cleanouts, furniture removal and waste disposal sites are well protected from damage to the walls, stairwells and entry ways.

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For peace of mind during your house clean out or interior demolition job:

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