Flood Damage Cleanup


Interior Demolition for flood damaged homes and apartments.

New York has recently seen two hurricanes within a year's time and many homes have been flooded. Water damaged walls must be exposed in order to dry out before mold sets in and the frame of the house begins to rot. If you do not get your house walls dried out within a week after a flood, you will already start to see mold. And if you can see mold on the outside of the walls, that means there is mold growing on the inside as well.

Many residential homes in New York, especially basement apartments, were flooded entirely. Some apartments were flooded above the ceiling level and the entire contents of the apartment had to be removed in order for interior demolition work to begin.

Homes and apartments that are at or below ground and street level get hit the hardest and see the worst property damage from flooding. The Trash it Man team is the company to call for flood damage in Queens New York area.

After extreme flooding and high water levels the sewers overflow and flood out into homes, basements and apartments. Flooding sewers leave the house contents unusable and unsafe to keep. Rew sewage is often mixed in with flood waters after high water levels occur during storms.

If your home was damaged in flood water you need to get the sheetrock and paneling removed right away. Wet insulation must be taken out and the bare frame exposed to the air so it can dry before it begins to rot. For New York demolition including Brooklyn and Queens, call us today.

If you wait too long, you could loose the entire house to mold and water rot.

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In the photos below you can see some water damaged homes from Hurricane Sandy's passing. The first photo shows a flooded kitchen filled with dirt, leaves and debris left by the flood waters from the hurricane. The second photo shows our guys picking up flood damaged household contents for disposal after they were ruined in the flood waters.

The third photo shows us cleaning out the entire contents of a home after the flood water left everything soaked in corrosive salt water. In the fourth photo below you can see dirt and debris hanging from the ceiling of a basement apartment after the flooding.

Many New York homes saw extreme flooding in the Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens areas, especially near the beaches and ocean front properties.

Mold is a type of fungi that is present just about everywhere. It is propogated through spores which can float through the air and cling to surfaces. Mold spores can survive for many years and endure harsh climates before being destroyed. Inside homes and walls, mold spores can remain almost indefinitely, waiting for the right conditions for growth.

After a flood, those conditions are perfect for mold growth to begin and spread. Mold growing in a house is the cause of many health problems. If the mold is not removed and cleaned out soon, permanent damage to health and home can occur.

After a home has been flooded with even a few inches of water, the insulation inside the walls acts like a sponge and holds water for weeks or months. The drywall and paneling of your home slowly absorb this moisture, providing the perfect environment for mold growth. As a wall absorbs more moisture, it rises up through the wall like a candle wick pulling up wax. The mold grows up the walls as the moisture spreads.

Many neighborhoods of New York suffered flood damage during Hurricane Sandy. Some of the hardest hit neighborhoods were Belle Harbour, Breezy Point, Lindenwood, Howard Beach, Mill Basin, Rockaway Park, Broad Channel and many more. This is just a small list of the areas that we have recently serviced.

The Trash it Man team can help you get the water damaged furniture and appliances out of a flooded house so renovation work can begin. First the wet drywall and insulation must be removed in order to allow the house to dry out. The floor must be stripped down to the bare concrete as well. The concrete flooring must air dry before new construction can begin.

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