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Hoarding is not as rare an occurrence as you may think. Hoarding is a well known and documented disease which goes by the name of Obsessive Compulsive Hoarding Syndrome. Hoarders are also commonly called Pack Rats. Hoarding begins at various stages in life. Most hoarders are not even aware of their own problem. It can begin at any age and often occurs due to some traumatic life experience. Hoarding can build up slowly and take one unaware. After many years they suddenly realize that their living space has become cramped with junk and they need to clean up.


There are various types of hoarders. There are also various levels of hoarding disorder. Many of us are hoarders in some way or form and may not even know it. Some people are compulsive shoppers. Some people collect shoes, knick knacks, purses, tools, clothing or food. Others start saving packaging from every item they have purchased. Television boxes, computer packaging, stereo boxes, electronics packaging, and other types of packaging materials. Normally people save packages with the thought that if it ever breaks, they will need the original packaging. This can get out of hand with time. People normally start saving their old packaging in the basement, attic or spare room. After these spaces fill up, it starts to spill out into other living areas of the home. After a while, it becomes nearly impossible for a single person to clean up.

Some people start to save food packaging, thinking they can reuse it one day. Take out food containers can be saved and used some day in place of tupperware. Some people save their food packaging with the intention of one day recycling it all. Plastic bottles and plates, glass bottles and jars are saved. Paper and cardboard containers, aluminum take out containers and others all get saved. In time, it builds up and can get out of hand. Left over food residue in the containers can present a health hazard and invite rodents and insects into the living area. In apartment complexes and condos, this can also affect other people in the building by providing food for pests. Mice and cockroaches invade the whole building and go into other apartments in search of food and nesting material.

Other people stop throwing out newspapers, magazines and mail. This can start to build up in the corners and eventually take over the whole living space. We have often seen apartments waist deep in junk papers and magazines. Sometimes it even piles up to the ceiling. This is a dangerous accumulation of hazardous and combustible materials. This is a fire hazard and safety violation.

Some people are online or television shoppers. Often they sit and watch shopping networks, buying unnecessary items which pile up in the home, often never even opened. Extra appliances, electronics, kitchen utensils, tools, dvd players and other items are purchased and never used. Buying can get out of control until the whole house becomes full of unused items. Now it is time to cleanup.

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Extreme Hoarding Disorders and Hazards

The above mentioned hoarding problems are often very mild and sometimes not even life threatening. Most times it is only necessary to clean out the home to rid it of unwanted waste.

Another type of hoarding disorder can be very extreme and even quite dangerous for the inhabitants of the home. Extreme hoarding disorder is the build up of everything. Some people stop throwing out all types of garbage. Dirty dishes pile up in the kitchen, living room and bedroom. Used, dirty take out food containers pile up around the sofa and chairs and kitchen table. Plastic and paper shopping bags get saved and pile up.

People buy food and start eating out of the package, then set it aside, half eaten. Later they forget about it and buy more, which again gets added to the pile of accumulating garbage. Bags of potato chips, cookie packages, snack foods and others pile up around the sofa.

Magazines get saved and pile up. Newspapers and mail envelopes never get tossed. Junk mail and advertisements get saved. Paperwork and forms spill over onto the floors. This junk starts to build up and take over the living space.

Expired food cans, jars and packages build up with time. Hoarders often buy food non stop. They loose track of what they bought. Cabinets fill up and spill over with old food packages. Many food items have been found that expired as much as ten years ago or even more.

Medicine cabinets build up with old, expired prescription medicines. Over the counter drugs and supplements spill over onto the bathroom sink and counter tops. Drugs and supplements build up around the bed and on the bedside stands. Layers of garbage and junk pile up with layers of medications. This is a danger for children and animals.

Years of purchasing chemicals, cleaning supplies and hazardous materials also causes a health hazard. We have seen closets piled high and spilling out with chemicals. This pool of sludge can spontaneously ignite and burn the house down. Fumes from chemicals leaking from rusting containers and burst plastic bottles can create a dangerous living environment.

The build up of old, used clothing, curtains and bedding can be a hazard. This not only fills up the living space and can cause the danger on entangling a person's legs, but can be used by rodents as nesting material and breeding grounds. Hoarders often no longer wash themselves or their clothing. Often they keep buying new clothing, piling up the dirty clothes on the floor. We have seen rooms piled to the ceiling with dirty clothes and bedding.

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Health hazards of Hoarding Disorders

Extreme collection and storage of junk, food, filth and waste can lead to serious health hazards not only to the immediate inhabitants, but also to neighbors.

Hoarding can leave to mouse and rat infestations. These rodents carry disease and can spread out into the surrounding community. With a hoarder's estate, these pests have a wealthy supply of food and nesting material. Without taking extreme measures to clean out the hoarders house, they will not leave.

Hoarding can spread sickness and disease. The unsanitory living conditions can breed germs and viruses. Filthy kitchens, living rooms and bathrooms are breeding grounds for disease. Germs multiply in the food particles and waste food packages. Food spilled onto the floor or carpets does not get cleaned up and allows germs to spread.

Health Hazards in a Hoarders Apartment

Bed bugs and dust mites can also get out of hand in a hoarders dwelling place. Unclean bed sheets and mattresses are prime habitats for bed bugs and mites. Carpets that never get cleaned build up dirt, dust and dead skin. Dust mites thrive in this environment.

Hoarding can create asthma. The dirt and dust builds up on everything. Furniture, wall fixtures, counter tops and floors get coated in a thick layer of dust. In some places you can actually peel it off in sheets. Smokers apartments are even worse. The nicotine and smoke form a guey glue that bonds the dust together on every surface.

Cockroaches love a hoarder's home. The spilled food and empty containers are a great supply for them.

Hoarders apartment filth leads to health hazards

Piling up food, containers and garbage on the stove top can be a fire hazard. Many older homes have gas ovens and stoves. They have pilot lights running all the time. Spilled grease and food or garbage piled up on top of these stoves are a serious danger. These can ignite without warning and burn the whole building down. With the huge supply of garbage in the rest of the house, the fire can spread rapidly and out of control.

Stove top covered with filth. This is a fire hazard. Counter Tops and Kitchen Sink Buried. Cant even reach the window

Garbage piled up onto and around radiators also present a fire hazard. With the insulating properties of the garbage piled up, heat has nowhere to escape and can cause the rubbish to ignite.

The accumulated waste can also act like a compost pile. Rotting garbage piles up with layers of paper and rubbish. This attracts bacteria which decompose the pile, releasing methane gas and moisture into the home.

With time a pack rat can become buried and encased in surrounding garbage. This causes a distressed living space for the hoarder. They eat, sleep and live on top of waste. The bed is often buried under rubbish and the sheets go unchanged.

How do you remove the garbage?

The cleanup process can be daunting for most people. Often someone inherits a deceased family members estate and becomes overwhelmed with the process of cleaning out a hoarded home. Very ill hoarders may need to be put into a special care home. Retired or elderly people may no longer be able to care for themselves.

No matter what the reason, you are not alone. A hoarders estate, apartment or house can be so full of garbage that it can take months for an average person to clean out in their free time. Lets face it. We all have normal jobs and daily life. Not many people have the time to dedicate to cleaning out a hoarders home.

That is where we come in. Our team is fully prepared to clean out any hoarders house. In most cases we can handle the clean up of a hoarders house in a single day. With our dedicated team of workers, compacting garbage trucks and special clean out equipment, we are ready to tackle the job. Our crew has the protective gear to prevent infection and the spread of disease. We have protective clothing, breathing protection and gloves for the cleanup job.

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Discrete removal of hoarders apartment clutter

We have the permits and licenses to dispose of any type of waste ranging from plain rubbish to hazardous materials to electronic waste.

There may be mold, mildew and damage to the walls, floors, carpeting or appliances. Cabinets and counter tops may be damaged beyond use. Often the refrigerator and stove are so filthy that no one would ever want to use them again. Bathroom sinks, toilets and showers may be dirty beyond saving.

Refrigerator filled with expired and rotting foods Germ filled hoarders apartment

Furniture, bedding and carpeting hold odors and may never again be usable.

Our team can also handle the demolition of any unwanted items in the house. We can handle the kitchen demolition, bathroom demolition, floor demolition or wall demo. We can remove any old appliances, kitchen or bathroom sinks and counter tops. Kitchen and bathroom cabinet removal and disposal. Carpeting disposed of. Tiled and wooden floors removed.

If needed, we can strip the whole place down to the bare walls or framework.

Large items such as sofas or refrigerators may need to be dismantled in order to get them out the door. In some cases we need to cut an item down in order to get it out of the house.

If you need a hoarders clean up crew - look no further. There is help for hoarders. The Trash it Man team is here to help. We are a professional rubbish removal company that specializes in hoarders and packrat clean out services. We are decluttering professionals

Hoarding is very common. We see it all the time. We take it seriously. There is no need to feel embarrassed about your or your family member's problem.

Let us help you clean out your hoarders apartment and free up your life.

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We Protect Your Estate Before Cleanout Begins

We know that cleaning out a hoarders apartment is a messy job. You can find containers with liquids in them. The build up of dust is amazing. Dirt, food particles, dead insect bodies and more may be tracked out on our feet.

The question is always asked - How do you remove the garbage.

Answer: we use 32 gallon Rubbermaid pails with no holes in them. All the garbage is contained inside a pail before it leaves the room. We protect all areas outside of the apartment, all the way to the sidewalk. We cover the walls with construction paper. We cover all the flooring with cardboard and masonite - cut to fit. Then we tape everything at all seams. We cover the steps with waterproof canvas drop cloths. Sometimes when we leave a job, the hallways are cleaner than when we first arrived. But that's the way we work here at Trashitman.

Therefore we make every effort to protect your home before the cleanout work begins.


For any New York hoarders house cleanup job, call the Trash it Man. We do hoarders apartment clean up in Queens, Brooklyn and Manhattan NYC.

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Some of the hoarders cleanouts we have done:

We have done hundreds of Hoarders house cleanouts.

We are often called out to clean out a hoarders home in various locations around New York. We did a hoarders home clean out where there was water damage and mold in Chelsea, NY. We were called for a SoHo Packrat house cleanout in a clutter filled apartment. Manhattan hoarders house stripped and gutted during a full interior demolition. Full Estate hoarders cleanout in Central Brooklyn, NYC. Hoarders apartment clean out in East Flatbush. Two Family brownstone hoarders house clean out in Prospect Heights. Hoarders six floor apartment cleanout in Clinton Hill Brooklyn. Forth Green apartment furniture removal. Carroll Gardens town house hoarders clean out. Loft Apartment cleanout in Red Hook. Full estate cleanout in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.

We cleaned out a six family house in Bushwick Brooklyn. East Williamsburg hoarders apartment cleanup. Bedford Stuyvesant brownstone hoarders apartment clean up job. Astoria Queens residential apartment clean out job done. East Elmhurst two family packrat estate cleanout. Glendale Queens pack rat home cleanout. Artist loft clean out in Long Island City, NY. Apartment furniture removal from a Forest Hills Queens, hoarders home.

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We have also done a Peter Cooper Village hoarders apartment cleanup. Stuyvesant Town apartment clutter removal. Meat Packing District loft garbage removal, Gansevoort street NYC. Union Square hi-rise apartment full of clutter cleaned out. Greenwich Village apartment full of garbage cleaned out. NoHo loft full of rubbish emptied out. Bowery complete building cleaned out of all garbage. Lower Manhattan skyscraper hoarders apartment clean up. East Village brownstone house full of furniture emptied out.