Office Furniture Removal


Office Furniture Removal Services of New York.

Office furniture disposal of Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan and the greater New York Metro area.

We will remove and properly dispose of all your old office furniture, electronics and equipment. This includes any shelving, both mounted and free standing. Also office equipment such as copiers, paper shredders, mail room work stations, computers and monitors, printers, scanners, fax machines. Also removal of old computer network and cat 5 cables and telephone wiring. Removal of old fax, printer and copier toners and obsolete telephone systems.

No matter if you are moving, closing shop, downsizing or just renovating your office, we are there to help you clean out the old office furniture. If you are upgrading your furniture and need to properly dispose of the old furniture, call the Trash it Man.

We will take old office chairs, computer desks and standard office desks, reception desk, filing cabinets, bookcases, display cases and magazine stands and even the old carpeting if needed.

Also, we can remove old files, records, brochures and advertising materials, old books, paperwork, old office stationary and computer printouts.

Dismantling and disposal of built in office furniture and fixtures.

Often we are called in to remove old conference room and media room equipment including video equipment and large wall sized video screens. Large conference tables and chairs, water coolers and vending machines.

Our team can also remove and dispose of old air conditioning units and built in HVAC units.


The Trash it Man team has years of experience in the waste removal industry for the New York area. We have special carts and bins used during our office cleanout jobs to insure that the floors and elevators do not get damaged during a clean out. We have special coated nylon wheels on our equipment and we do not drag garbage across the floor. This prevents any possibility of scratching any floor surface.

Any old office equipment, furniture or paperwork that we remove gets properly recycled. We sort all materials and take them to recycling centers. This insures that your old office waste will not end up in the wrong hands and also keeps them out of landfills. Another benefit to our office furniture recycling is that it keeps America green!

Call the Trash it Man today to remove your used office furniture!

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