Old Wooden Porch Demolition


Porch and sitting room demolition company of NYC

If you or someone you know has a porch that is damaged beyond repair, or you are just renovating - call us. The Trash it Man team are experts in the field of home porch removal. We can handle ground floor porches, second story or even higher.

In the images on this page you can see our team taking down an old wooden porch in Queens, NY. We have often been called in for front porch or back porch demolition in Queens and Brooklyn NY. Sun porches dismantled and all debris disposed of. Screened in porches removed. Sometimes only a porch extension needs to be removed. No problem for the Trash it Man team.


When we removed the old porch, we were careful not to damage the vinyl siding and clapboard of the house. This porch could not be saved due to its pulling away from the house and it was beyond repair due to water damage and neglect. Sadly, the porch integrity was compromised.



Remove of Old Porches and Sitting Rooms

During porch demolition, we make sure to work carefully in order to preserve the attached building. We make sure that composite decking is removed carefully. The shingles and roofing membrane get removed. All wooden joists and sheathing are carefully cut apart. The roofing gutter pipes and leaders get removed. The complete wood frame gets ripped out. All aluminum capping, aluminum trim and flashing is removed.

During the job shown in the photos, we ripped off tin and aluminum ceiling finishes. Then followed the demolition and removal of porch pillars and header beams. Later came the removal of wood porch deck sleepers.

You may notice pre-demolition shoring ensures the safety of the workers. Note the boards nailed to the supporting roof beams in some of the images. This prevents the roof from accidently falling on their heads during demolition. We work safe and smart, taking close attention to the little details. That is why we have a customer following. Their recommendations are priceless!

We often serve the New York area, including Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn. We have worked on a two family rear deck porch extension in Long Island City Queens NY. Middle Village Queens garage roof top deck removal. Fort Greene brownstone rear screen porch removal in Brooklyn. Broadway and Astoria single family house concrete front porch removal. Park Slope house back porch demolition. Kew Gardens 3rd floor porch demolition and clean up. And many others...