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We remove upright pianos, baby grand pianos, american victorian pianos, ornate pianos, vintage upright pianos, steamline pianos, spinets and console pianos, yamaha pianos, grand pianos, player pianos, arts and craft pianos, And Your Piano, call us now 718-326-6969.

If your piano requires disassembly before removal - no problem ... call us now. Inside these pianos there is a heavy, huge chunk of cast iron, making these things very hard to move. We can dismantle the piano, removing the cast iron soundboard, and all interior components, making it easier to remove.

The soundboard in a piano is used to reflect and amplify the tone caused when a hammer hits a string. The soundboard is the piece that has all the strings attached to it. This piece alone weighs on average two to three hundred pounds, making a piano very hard to move normally.

We put down floor protection prior to piano removal so your floor does not get scratched or damaged.


Piano Disposal Business

The most common piano disassembled and removed from homes and apartments is the standard upright piano.

Moving a piano can be a very tough job. Leave it to the piano removal experts to get the job done properly and without damaging your home in the process. No matter if your piano is located on the ground floor, second floor or in a hi-rise apartment building - we can handle it. We have everything necessary to remove a piano from even the most luxurious condos. We can protect the elevator, walls and floor before we work, preventing any loss of your deposit or insurance.

If you need a piano moving business in Queens, Manhattan or Brooklyn, New York then call the Trash it Man team today 718-326-6969.

Watch us dispose of a full sized upright piano in under 3 minutes! Piano removal dows not get any faster than this!

We also offer piano removal services in the following areas:

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