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Electric Powered Handicap Chair Lift Removal Service.

If you have just taken posession of a house with handicap accessibility built in that is no longer needed, call the Trash it Man to help get it out. If you have a handicap lift removal job in Queens, Brooklyn or Manhattan New York, call us. 718-326-6969

If you have inherited a home with built in handicap chair lifts, ramps or rails, call us. If your family member or loved one has moved out of the home and you would like the handicap lifts and accessories removed, then look no further.

For the Trash it Man, it does not matter if you have a curved stair lift, a wheel chair stair lift, or a through floor lift, we can handle the dismantling job.

Disabled Access Stairway Lift Removal

Our team can handle anything from battery powered stairlift removal to electric powered stair lift removal and through floor lift removal. No matter if it is a curved stairway lift, or a stright stairwell lift, or a platform lift of some kind, we can remove it for you.

We can completely disassemble the chair and all the metal track parts. As you see in the video below, we remove all the bolts and screws carefully to avoid damage to your walls and staircase. The average stairway chair lift can be removed in a single day. We have the experience and the knowledge on how they are built so we know how to take them apart. They are very heavy and require professional dismantling.

We also handle the removal of all electrical switches, power cables and included equipment. The batteries are removed and taken into a proper recycling facility.

The Trash it Man team are the experts to call for residential handicap stair lift removal in Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan NYC.

Removal of built in handicap accessible add ons in the following areas:

Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn New York