Yard & Garden Waste


Often, through the years, our back yard or garden starts collecting all sorts of rubbish as we toss stuff in there, meaning to dispose of it later. After a fall or spring leaf cleaning we often get too many filled garbage bags to handle. It can get overwhealming.

Old boats, cars, snow blowers, lawn mowers, motorcycles or other motorized junk gets tossed in the yard and sits there because we dont know what to do with it.

Old, empty pots and planters from spring gardening get piled up in the corners of our garden. Broken garden tools and water hoses get left around. Broken trees and fallen branches can be too large to move or dispose of easily.

If so, now is the time to call the Trash it Man to clean up your yard waste and garden waste. Our team are experts in yard and garden waste removal and recycling. Call us for your yard cleanup and we will also sort out all the items for proper recyling. We then take all the sorted garden waste to the proper recyling centers.



Even old televisions and electronics seem to find their way into our yard and garden. Often old washers and dryers get tossed out back and left there for years.

Broken lawn furniture and gazebos, awnings and lawn decorations get left laying around.

If any of these points describe your yard or garden, call the Trash it Man for your next yard cleanout project. Our professional team will clean out all the unwanted trash from your back yard in no time.

Yard and Garden waste cleanup in the New York area including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx. Also covering the surrounding neighborhoods of New York City.