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Why It is Extremely Important To Remove Water Damaged Walls and Insulation
by TrashitMan

After a house is damaged with water from flood, rain, leaks or hurricane, the walls must be dried out immediately or you could loose the whole home. After Hurricane Sandy hit New York recently many homes suffered moderate to severe water damage. But even those houses which only had a few inches of water in them could be destroyed if mold sets in.

If your house suffers water damage, the wet drywall and insulation must be taken out as soon as possible. The sooner you get the wet insulation removed and let the wooden frame dry out, the better.

Mold and water damaged walls

In the photo above you can see one of our workers measuring the flood levels after Hurricane Sandy passed through New York recently. This was taken just two weeks after the Hurricane and mold damage had already begun to set in. You can see the mold in the photo, especially on the left inside the shelves.

Water soaked insulation

After the hurricane flooded many homes in New York including Belle Harbour, Breezy Point, Howard Beach and Lindenwood, demolition teams such as The Trash it Man were called in to remove flood and mold damaged drywall and insulation before the mold was able to spread. In the photo above you can see that the mold has already set in behind the sheetrock and the wood framing of the house is soaking wet. The insulation acts like a sponge and holds water for a very long time. There is nowhere for the water to go unless the insulation is removed and the wooden framework exposed to dry.

Water damaged wet wood after hurricane

Mold spores are everywhere. You would think that behind sealed walls there could be no mold growth, but when the house was put together, mold spores were in the air and got trapped inside, just waiting for the perfect time, such as this, to grow and feed on the wood. Refer to the photo above. This is only two weeks after the flood waters receeded and the mold has spread to the wooden frame behind the drywall of this home. Any longer and the damage would have been too extensive to save the home.

Mold rising up walls after flood

Above you can see how the mold is growing up the wall. Drywall will slowly absorb moisture from the insulation that is trapped inside it. The insulation will hold water for months. The sheetrock wicks this moisture out and into the walls. As the water level climbs, so does the mold. Sadly this wall had to be cut even higher than originally due to the spread of mold.

If you are ever in need of interior demolition due to water damage, DO NOT WAIT!

Call The Trash it Man team immediately at 718-326-6969 and save your home. Our guys are fast and friendly. We get most demolition jobs done on the same day. Call us for a free consultation right away.

The Trash it Man team serves the Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens areas of New York City. Call the Trash it Man for interior demolition and water damaged sheetrock and insulation removal today.

Visit our website for a list of our other services:


December 14th


Hurricane Sandy Water and Flood Damaged Sheetrock Removal and Interior Demolition
by TrashitMan

Recently the East Coast suffered a lot of damage due to Hurricane Sandy. Many homes have some water damage from the high flood waters. If your home had high water levels, then you need to get the damaged and wet sheetrock removed before mold and rot sets in. Water damaged drywall holds water for a very long time. Drywall also deteriorates after being submerged in water. The moisture that is held in the sheetrock will be slowly released back into your home, causing health hazards and mold buildup.

If your home had some water damage then you need to act fast in order to prevent widespread damage to your home and possessions. Call the Trashitman for help at 718-326-6969 to remove wet drywall from your home immediately.

In the photo below you can see a home that was damaged in the flood waters. The moisture in the walls is slowly being released into the air. This is condensing on the window. This moisture will get into your furniture, clothing, ceiling and electronics if not taken care of promptly. Within days mold and mildew will set in.

Condensation showing in the windows of a water damaged house

In the photo below you can see some water damaged drywall that has begun to mold. The water level is shown by the ruler sitting against the wall. You can see that mold has begun to spread upward into the wall. Drywall can transfer water up through the wall, causing even more extensive damage if not removed quickly.

The Trash it Man team is here to help. Call us to quickly remove any flood damaged sheetrock asap. If you live in Queens, Brooklyn or Manhattan, New York, then call us for a free quote.

Moldy flood damaged sheetrock walls

Below you can see one of our guys measuring and marking out water damaged interior walls in a home. In some cases, if you act quickly, only the portion of the drywall that was water damaged must be cut away, saving you money on repairs.

Preparing To Remove Water Damaged Sheetrock

In the photo below you can see our team removing the flood damaged sheetrock in order to expose the wood frame underneath to air so it can dry out. Doing this in a timely manner is very important before mold and mildew attacks the frame of your home.

Removing Water Damaged Sheetrock

The owners of this home acted promptly and saved their house from further damage. Now the frame is drying out in the air and will quickly be ready to renovation work. This Queens, New York home owner will soon have life back to normal again. Call the Trash it Man team at 718-326-6969 now for interior demolition and save your home.

Water Damaged Sheetrock Removed

The Trash it Man team is well known throughout the New York City area for helping home owners with their interior demolition projects. Our main company Dimola Bros is recognized throughout New York. If you see the shiny red trucks or the blue Dimola Bros shirts, then you know we are in the area helping families. Stop over, say hello and get a business card.

We are also well known for rubbish removal, bulk furniture pick up and house cleanout in the New York Metro area.

Call us today 718-326-6969

You an visit our website at:


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Youtube Channel


November 28th


Howard Beach and Lindenwood Queens Storm Damage Cleanup and Demolition
by TrashitMan

If you have storm or flood damaged property or personal items in the Howard Beach or Lindenwood New York area, then call Dimola Bros at 718-326-6969 for expedient removal and clean up. After the extreme flooding and heavy damage from the recent storm, many people are in need of debris removal and interior demolition. Fast and timely removal of all water damaged property is extremely important to prevent the spread of mold and disease.

Flood debris leaves and filth in the kitchen


If you have water damaged personal effects, furniture, appliances or other bulk items, then look no further. Dimola Bros will clean out your home in a fast and efficient manner so you can get on to rebuilding right away. We even leave the place swept clean with a broom before we leave so you dont have to.


After the flood waters receded, many families pushed their furniture and water damaged belongings out to the curb. Dimola Bros was there to pick up the trash.


Dimola Bros Curbsite Bulk Waste Pickup

Many basements were flooded in the Howard Beach and Lindenwood area of Queens, New York. This means that the water damaged walls and wood framing need to come out right away before mold sets in. You also need to get down to the bare concrete and let it dry out before the winter freeze which will crack your basement walls. We can handle any sized job with our compacting truck, so do not worry. Most of our clean up jobs are finished the same day we arrive. Even full interior demolition jobs and rip outs are done fast and efficiently.

Basement Apartment Water Damaged Wall Removal

Basements floors will need to be removed as well so you can clean and sanitize the bare concrete underneath and stop the spread of bacteria and mold. After ripping our a floor, Dimola Bros team also sprays germicidal bleach all over the surfaces that were under water for you. Tile or wooden basement floors can be removed for you. Paneling, insulation and all trim work can be removed.


Flood Damage Interior Demolition

We handle sheet rock removal and disposal for you as well. The water damaged framing comes out so you can begin new construction right away. Water logged carpeting can be removed with no problem for you. Flood damaged ceilings and flood debris and filth will be taken away and disposed of so you can move back into your home quickly.


Here is a video of the Dimola Bros team cleaning out a flood damaged basement and leaving the bare concrete bleached and sanitized:

Dimola Bros at work

If your house was damaged in the flood waters and you live in the Lindenwood or Howard Beach area or surrounding neighborhoods, then call Dimola Bros to help fast before its too late. Call us at 718-326-6969.


Many first floor apartments, condos and homes were also damaged in the high flood waters of hurricane Sandy. Garages full of tools and equipment were also flooded. Our team can handle any size job. We can take care of full or partial interior demolition as you require.


Visit our website for more details:



Serving the Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn areas of New York City. Rubbish removal and interior demolition services.


November 17th


Chelsea Manhattan NYC Garbage Removal Experts – Let Us Take Out The Trash
by TrashitMan

The Trash It Man Team is number on in Chelsea Manhattan, NYC for service, dependability, and professionalism. We cover the whole range of rubbish removal services from commercial demolition rubbish removal all the way to neighborhood curbside trash pickup. Our workers are often seen in the Chelsea Manhattan area picking up a load of waste, with our clean, neat trucks and well known uniforms.


The Trash it Man team is a division of Dimola Bros, which has been in business for over 50 years. It is a family owned business. We are licensed, insured and trained to professionally handle any job. We are often working in luxury hi-rise apartments and condos in the Chelsea area.


Our team can help you clean out apartments, pick up curbside bulk waste material, clean up renovation waste and debris and anything else garbage related.


Curbside Waste Removal In Chelsea Manhattan, NYC

Above you can see our guys working with the compacting truck in a Chelsea neighborhood around 9th Avenue, picking up some left over renovation debris. Old construction rubbish removal, new appliance and furniture cartons and pallets and debris were removed from the job site in record time.


Call us for commercial and residential cleanups in the West Side Manhattan, Chelsea areas. We clean out offices, dismantle office dividers, take away computers and electronic waste, remove furniture and even take out the carpeting if you want.


Restaurants, fitness studios, commercial rental space, warehouses and anything in between can be done by our men. We have handled just about any type of rubbish removal job in the Manhattan area.


If you own or lease a condo or apartment and need renovation, look no further. If you have recently purchased a home or apartment and need the trash removed, call us. If you are moving, do not worry about the mess, let our guys take out the trash.


Below was a job in Chelsea Apartments, where a home was cleaned out after the tenants left, leaving behind a bunch of unwanted junk. Our guys removed all the garbage and even left the place swept clean.


Bulk Garbage Pick Up Service Of Chelsea Manhattan

Even in Chelsea Tower, our guys can work with care and finesse. We take care not to harm the hallway and elevator walls and floors. If you have a job to be done in a luxury condo or hi-rise in Chelsea, you can be sure that our team will get the job done right. Some of our locations included Chelsea Place, Caledonia Luxury Apartments and everything between 14th Street and 23rd Street in the West Side Manhattan neighborhood area.


Chelsea Manhattan Construction Site Rubble Removal


Above you can see our team in a luxury apartment in Chelsea, removing rubbish from an interior demolition job. The Trash It Man is the number one garbage removal company in the middle Manhattan, NY area. If you live, work or rent in the Chelsea area, call us for your garbage removal needs.

Call us for furniture removal, papers, waste, books and old office records, disposal of any interior apartment contents. We can remove washing machines and refrigerators as well. Old, heavy ovens and gas stoves are no problem for us. No job is too big or too small for the Trash It Man team.


Luxury Apartment Unwanted Clutter Removal Chelsea Manhattan


For your junk removal job in the Chelsea area, look no further. We are the best in the business in Manhattan, New York.


Call the Trash It Man – 718-326-6969







March 6th


Queens Rubbish Removal Service – A New York City Rubbish Removal Company
by TrashitMan

The Trash it Man team is a full service rubbish removal company of New York.

Let us take out the trash.


No matter if you just have a few items to be removed from your apartment, need a storage room emptied, or have a full house clean out job to do – the Trash it Man team can handle the job. With our own professionally trained team and our own trucks and equipment, no job is too large or too small for us.


House Clean Out


We are often called for an entire estate clean out job. We can empty a full house from top to bottom in order for you to sell it if needed. We empty hoarders homes, apartments and storage rooms. We can empty unwanted and abandoned waste from rental properties so you can rent the space again quickly. Often we can clean out a full 10 room house in a single day.


Call us to remove old appliances such as refrigerators, televisions, entertainment centers and stereo systems, washer and dryer and anything else from your home. We can pick up curbside waste or construction site leftovers. Call us to clean out your old storage room, attic or garage. We can remove old tires, car parts, tools, scrap metal and anything else from the garage. We even take away cars for you.




Computer and electronic waste is also no problem for the Trash it Man team to remove and properly dispose of for you. We take materials to the respective recycling facilities, ensuring a greener world. For electronics rubbish removal of Queens, call our team. 718-326-6969


Computer and Electronic Waste Disposal


No matter what type of rubbish you need to dispose of, our team can take it all away for you. We have a compacting garbage truck that is capable of holding the entire contents of an average home so we have plenty of space. Some rubbish removal companies must make multiple trips to take out the trash from your house. We get it all in a single trip saving you time and money.


Nothing is too large for us to remove. We can remove pianos, boilers, oil tanks, automobiles and anything else you can think of. For your rubbish removal needs in Queens New York, call the Trash it Man to help. 718-326-6969.


Rubbish removal company of New York Metro area. We serve Queens New York, Brooklyn and Manhattan areas. If you have a rubbish removal problem in any of these NYC areas, then we can help.


For Queens Rubbish Removal call:




October 17th


House Clean Out Queens, New York. We Declutter Your Home.
by TrashitMan

If you live in the New York City area and your home is starting to look cluttered then maybe it is time to clean up. If you have purchased a new home and need to clean out the old house fast, call us. If you have lost a loved one and need the house cleaned out asap, call the Trash it Man. Or, if you are a property manager who needs some unwanted junk removed from a house, then call us.


Your home can go from this:

House Cleanouts Disposal of Unwanted Items


To this:

A Clean and Empty House after House Cleanout

Let the Trash it Man team Declutter your home for you. We are experts in House Cleanouts in the New York City area. We clean out homes in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens, New York.


We can clean out an entire house or just a single room. Our team can handle everything from the attic to the basement and everything in between. And dont worry, there is no mess that we have not seen. Our team will not judge you. We are here to help. We can remove old furniture, garbage, old electronics and appliances and anything else. We have done anything from cleaning out a few unwanted items to a full house cleanout, including the removal of the entire contents of the home.


We can even strip out the kitchen, bathroom, carpeting or tiles if needed. Old wall paper and kitchen cabinets can be removed. Old kitchen counters, sink and appliances can be taken out.


Call the Trash it Man for a free quote today. We include everything in the price, the workers, truck and equipment and disposal of all garbage. You dont have to worry about a thing.


Watch a video of us in action:

Professional House Furniture Cleanout Service. Total Junk Removal Video NYC


If you live in the New York Metro area and have a house in need of a serious cleanout, then look no further. The TrashitMan team is here to clean out your home. We offer house cleanout services in the Queens, Brooklyn and Manhattan areas of New York.


Visit our website: http://www.trashitman.com/House_Cleanout.html


Or Call us Now – 718-326-6969



August 23rd


Wooden Porch Demolition and Rubbish Removal Queens, NYC
by TrashitMan

The Trash it Man team was recently called on to remove an old wooden porch in Queens, New York. Often, due to neglect, old age and weather, a porch or house attachment will start to deteriorate beyond repair. If not removed, this can be a safety hazard not only to yourself and your family, but also to anyone else nearby if it ever collapses. Or someone can be harmed while walking on it.


If you have an old dilapidated porch or balcony that needs to be removed, look no further. The Trash it Man team will help. We get the job done in a single day and remove all debris from the job site. We even sweep the area clean when we are finished. Our team covers the complete New York area, including Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn. If you need a porch demolished in NYC, call us 718-326-6969.


Wooden Porch Pulling Away From House

In the above photo you can see an old wooden porch pulling away from the house. See the gap just under the roof.  It has separated and is slowly falling away. Eventually, if left alone, this porch would collapse onto the ground, two stories below. This is a danger to anyone nearby and to the house on the ground floor. Below you can see Nick, the owner, looking over the job after the roof of the porch has been removed. The Dimola Bros truck is in the foreground. We have our own professionally trained team and equipment. We have our own trucks and are able to remove all rubbish and demolition debris after demolition of the old porch.


Removal of a wooden porch in Queens, New York


Porch and balcony demolition are not simple tasks and must be handled by professionals who have correct equipment or someone could get hurt. We have the knowledge and experience to ensure a safe work site.  Because the balcony or porch is attached to the house, care must be taken to leave the house itself intact and unharmed. The original house roof and walls were unscathed after we were done.


Old, rotten porch was removed from a Queens, NY home

In the photo above you can see the porch has been safely removed and the house untouched. Notice the neighbor’s porch on the right side. The old rotting porch was right next to it on the same level.


For safe porch or balcony demolition, call the Trash it Man team now: 718-326-6969.


Visit our porch demolition web page at http://www.trashitman.com/Old-Wooden-Porch-Demolition.html


We can remove old wooden porches, concrete and brick porches and old balconies. If you have a porch demolition in Queens, New York, call us. For removal of an old, rotting balcony in Manhattan, look no further. If you have a decaying porch in Brooklyn, NY – call our team for expert porch demolition service.


July 28th


Office Clean Out Manhattan. Demolition, Dismantling and Content Removal NYC
by TrashitMan

If you are moving to a new location, closing shop or just expanding – and need your office space cleaned out, then you have come to the right place. Call the TrashitMan for help.

No matter what the reason, if your office needs to be emptied out in a hurry or you just do not want to take the time and effort to do it yourself, then you need a professional and fast team to do the job. Let’s face it, time is money. You can have your office personnel help dismantle the cubicles and furniture and empty the contents of the office for you – while loosing important work hours. With untrained, and often unmotivated workers the job of moving out of your office space can take days or even weeks to finish. Ever move to a new apartment or home? Remember how much work it was? Often you start packing boxes months in advance in order to be ready for that big move in a single day. And usually something goes wrong or it just takes much longer than you had planned and you come back another day to finish it up.

manhattan office space cleanout

Or you can have a professionally trained team come and do it all in a day. In most cases an office clean out and demolition job can be finished in a day or two.


We are the experts in Manhattan office space cleanouts. Our team can handle any sized job.


Office cubicle and divider dismantling and disposal. We remove any type of built in office cubicles or office space dividers. It does not matter if they are built in or temporary. We can disassemble any type of office divider for you. This saves your own workers time and money.


Built in furniture, desks and walls removed. Furniture that has been built into the office can be a pain to remove. Large built in desks, counter tops and cabinets require a professionally trained crew to remove.  Our team can demolish it all with ease. Experience is important when you need the contents of your office removed fast.


Filing cabinets, shelving units and closets removed. The storage units and filing cabinets in your office can be so large and ungainly, it is quite a task to remove. Sometimes they even need to be cut down to even fit out of the office doors. Many times through the years a building goes through renovations. Often large items that fit when they were moved in no longer fit through the doors. Door way frames and the doors themselves get changed out with smaller ones. In this case, our training comes in handy. You do not even need to worry about removal of the contents of the filing cabinets. Old files can be properly and safely disposed of. We can handle the professional shredding and removal of your old files and forms.

manhattan office space cleanout

Removal of old computers and electronics. We remove old office equipment as well. Large copiers, fax machines and printers can take a couple large men to move. Often you have just too many computers and monitors in the office. Disposal of this electronic waste costs you money. Not with us. It is included in the job. We can dispose of old computers and monitors. We clean out data centers and computer rooms. Giant antique computer servers and storage systems are no problem for our team and trucks to remove. Computer wiring, network cables and phone wiring can all be removed as well.


manhattan office space clean out


With the properly trained team, equipment and trucks – we get the job done. Our company is licensed and insured in Manhattan for office clean out and interior demolition services. Our team has the proper equipment to get any sized job done fast. We also make sure that nothing gets damaged in the process. Do not let untrained workers risk the possibility of damaging the walls, floors or elevators in the building. We lay down protective covering to ensure that nothings get harmed during the removal job. With a large, heavy capacity lift truck, even the heaviest of items can be hauled out with ease.

Heavy capacity lift truck


We can strip the place down if needed to comply with your landlord’s requirements. You can relax knowing that the Trash it Man team is on the job. We even sweep the floor clean when we are done.


For your office clean out needs – call the Trash it Man for help. 718-326-6969


Visit our website for more info.






May 3rd


Expedient Rubbish Removal Manhattan New York. Garbage Disposal Experts. See Examples.
by TrashitMan

Hoarding – is it a sickness? Or are we all guilty?

Nearly everyone collects something. We all have hobbies, knick knacks, tschotskes, and the need to save things and collect possessions. Through the years, the items we save start to gather up in the corners, in your basement or attic. Eventually it gets out of hand for even the best of us. Ever need to clean out your office or study? Ever start getting tired of all the clutter?

Well, we are very aware of such problems – and we are here to help.

The Trash it Man team are the men to call if you would like help with rubbish removal or decluttering your Manhattan home.

Does your home look like this?

Cluttered Study or Office Space

Cluttered Study or Office Space

Or maybe this looks familiar?

Cluttered rubbish filled bedroom

Cluttered rubbish filled bedroom

Or… maybe this?

Rubbish filled room, packed with garbage

Rubbish filled room, packed with garbage

No matter how bad your house or apartment may seem, help is on the way. The Trash it Man team can help you get your life back in order and clean out your home. We can sort through all rubbish in your house and remove only what you don’t want. We can clean out an entire room, or just take out the trash. Our guys will not leave until you are completely satisfied.

Some people collect and start to hoard food items. With others it may be empty containers or packaging. After many years of saving all the packages from your television, stereo, game system, speaker set, home entertainment system, whatever.. it will start to add up. Eventually we need to clean out our space. Our team can sort out the rubbish from your Manhattan, New York apartment and leave you with more space – and peace of mind.

Our workers are not unskilled, low paid workers; but rather they are a highly trained, polite and courteous team whose goal is to see to your complete satisfaction.

If your Manhattan house is getting loaded with rubbish, trash or unwanted items then it is time for spring cleaning. A clean, neat home leaves one feeling at ease in their personal space. You can truly come home and relax, knowing that all that built up rubbish is gone.

Watch your home go from this:

Rubbish filled and cluttered Manhattan Apartment

Rubbish filled and cluttered Manhattan Apartment

To this:

Rubbish free Manhattan Home - After clean out

Rubbish free Manhattan Home - After clean out

And the best thing is that you do not need to lift a finger. Our team will do all the work. You do not even need to be present. Just tell us what you want done and let our experts take charge. Return to a neat, clean, rubbish free apartment.

Our professionalism shows in our team and truck. We have our own garbage truck and trained team of men. Our business is fully insured and licensed to operate a rubbish removal business in Manhattan, New York.

Just think… Would you rather have this in front of your home:

Garbage Removal Truck

Garbage Removal Truck

Or.. This:

Shiny clean rubbish removal truck

Shiny clean rubbish removal truck


The Trash it Man team also handles commercial and property rubbish removal services in Manhattan, New York. If your office is cluttered or you are in the process of closure or moving your office to a new location, we can help you clean out your old office. Our team makes the clean out or move much easier for you.


We often serve property management companies in Manhattan with cleaning out commercial or rental properties. The Trash it Man team has often cleaned out an office, warehouse, commercial retail store or renovation site. We can empty a construction site of all debris for you. This frees up your construction crew for actual, important construction work. Leave the construction site clean up to cleanout professionals.


If you are a property owner who is in desperate need of a cleanout, then call us. We can clean out the entire place, leaving it swept clean and ready for the next renter or for renovation work. And we can clean up after renovation. Call our team to remove old concrete, waste bricks and mortar, junk wood and framing. We can cart out drywall pieces and waste, wall paper and carpeting from your renovation or construction site. Removal of stone and stonework pieces. Old windows and glass hauled away.


No matter what the material you need removed, we can handle it. Cardboard and packaging material, packaging peanuts, styrofoam packing material and plastics. We can handle pallets and wooden crate material. We remove old junk appliances and electronics. Proper recycling of e-waste products, preventing these items from entering the landfills. This prevents contamination of the environment.


We cart out office partitions and dividers, furniture and storage units, false walls and framing, files and filing cabinets, old paper and forms. We can demolish and remove any built in cabinetry and partitions. We dispose of old office furniture and office electronics. Copiers, fax machines and old telephony removed.


The Trash it Man team is a division of Dimola Bros rubbish removal company, Manhattan New York. We have been in business for over 50 years, serving the Manhattan community with rubbish removal services. We take pride in our work, our trucks and our team. We take pride in leaving a smile on our customer’s faces and a clean, neat home behind us.

Some of the work we have done include full property clean outs in the Lower East Side, Manhattan. Construction debris removal in the Meat Packing District of Manhattan. Renovation debris removal on 5th Avenue, NY. House clean out in Central Park West. Storage room garbage removal from a place in Murray Hill, Manhattan. Household garbage pick up and disposal in Tribecca. Office furniture removal from an upper Manhattan office complex. Household furniture removal from a home in West Broadway, Manhattan, New York. A basement storage shed cleanout in Soho. Cleanout of a hoarders apartment in Chelsea. Junk hauling from an uptown Manhattan home. And many others, too many to mention.

For your spring cleaning – call the Trash it Man team. We know garbage.


Visit our site:
Rubbish Removal Manhattan


March 13th


How to demolish a kitchen in a luxury townhouse without damage to the home
by TrashitMan

The Trash it Man team was recently called out on an interior demolition job in Manhattan, New York. This was a luxury apartment in a hi-rise building in downtown Manhattan. Doing an interior demolition in an expensive home can be troublesome and needs some special care. You must be careful of all the dust and debris that will be generated and everything must be carted out with care. The work site needs to remain clean at all times in order to limit debris from being spread around the rest of the home.

The following lines and photos will show you how a professional, trained team handles the job.

First, we lay out floor protection all the way through the home. This includes not only the room being demolished, but also every entrance from the room and the floor through the whole apartment. We also had to lay out floor protection through the hallways of the building to protect the fine carpets from debris and dirt.

Floor protection laid out in the living room

Floor protection laid out in the living room

Floor protection in hallway of building

Floor protection in hallway of building

The next step is to set up all necessary equipment and get prepared for the actual demolition job. Containers to cart out the rubbish, tools and, of course, brooms and dust pans to clean up the waste during the demolition.

Set up equipment needed for demolition

Set up equipment needed for demolition

Now the interior demolition job can begin. This job was an interior kitchen demolition in a very high end apartment. Everything had to be ripped out of the kitchen. All the appliances, stove top, oven, dish washer, refrigerator, garbage disposer and microwave all went out the door. The cabinets, sink and counter tops all got ripped out. The tiled floor as well, had to be removed. There were two layers of tile floor in this place that had to be removed.

The following images will show a bit of the work as it progressed.

Removal of kitchen cabinets

Removal of kitchen cabinets

In the above image, we see all the kitchen cabinet doors were carefully removed. We had to be very careful not to damage the walls or windows as we worked.

Removal of overhead cabinets

Removal of overhead cabinets

The above image shows the guys removing the overhead kitchen cabinets. You can see the refrigerator has already been pulled out of its space, ready to remove from the home.

Removal of counter tops and stone wall tiles

Removal of counter tops and stone wall tiles

Above you can see the removal of kitchen counter tops and the removal of the stone wall tiles. These were very heavy pieces of stone and had to be broken up to remove them from the kitchen carefully. The stone wall tiles had to be removed one by one from the wall. Many had electrical cover plates attached to them, which had to be removed first. Don’t forget to shut off the electricity first.

Removal of sink and dishwasher

Removal of sink and dishwasher

Above you can see we have begun the removal of the kitchen sink and the under sink cabinets. Also the dish washer has been pulled out so that we can start disassembly of the wiring. The sink was heavy cast iron and the counter top was a solid, very heavy piece of stone. It all came out in pieces. The under sink cabinets all came out piece by piece. The whole job was done carefully in order to prevent flying debris taking out a window.

Careful removal of waste and debris from demo site

Careful removal of waste and debris from demo site

We very carefully take every piece of the rubbish out of the kitchen demo site and place them into a large container in order to be removed. Notice the expensive items around our worker. We must take great care not to damage anything. We place the items one by one into the container.

Kitchen has been totally ripped out

Kitchen has been totally ripped out

So, now all the kitchen appliances, cabinets and fixtures have been removed. Next we sweep the floor and remove all debris from the demolition site. All the waste material goes out into our truck which waits outside.

Loading all waste material into garbage truck

Loading all waste material into garbage truck

The garbage truck has a lift on it, which makes the job so much easier. Each of the containers, when it is filled up, goes into the truck to be emptied and brought back into the demolition job site.

Removal of ceramic floor tiles

Removal of ceramic floor tiles

The ceramic floor tiles come out next. Notice the power tools and gear our guys are wearing. Ear protection, breathing protection, protective shoes and gloves are needed for this job.

Sweeping as we remove the floor tiles

Sweeping as we remove the floor tiles

Remember, cleanliness is important, so we constantly sweep the area as we work in order to limit debris from traveling outside the work zone.

Tile floor removal is finished

Tile floor removal is finished

The ceramic tile floor removal job is done. The floor is bare down to the cement and swept clean.

Clean up the work area and surrounding space

Clean up the work area and surrounding space

Now we clean the rooms near to the work zone. We make sure that the whole place is left just the way we found it – except for the missing kitchen.

Watch a video of the whole job here:

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March 10th