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Brooklyn & Queens Extraordinary Estate Cleanout Service of NYC
by TrashitMan

If you have just inherited a home or estate and the place is jammed full of stuff, call us. If you get overwhelmed with the large workload ahead of you after buying or inheriting a home, dont worry. If your loved ones or elders are going off to a care home, we can discretely clean out the house so you can take care of more important needs, such as seeing to the comfort of your family.

The Trash it Man team can clean out just a single room, or a full, large estate with outbuildings, barns, and garages. We take care of everything so you dont have to. We have our own truck, team and equipment to handle any size job.

Men working at an estate cleanout

Estate Cleanout of New York Area

Banks and realtors count on us to help clean out foreclosures and repossessed homes. Families trust our team to clean out loved one’s homes after a death in the family. With our containers, everything is hauled out in such a manner that nosy neighbors cant snoop. Trust the Trash it Man team to take care of business for you.

We cover all of Queens, Brooklyn and Manhattan areas in New York.

Removal of furniture, junk and rubbish, years of collected magazines and newspapers, household items and more.

Call the Trash it Man today.


December 6th


Hoarding, Clutter and Compulsive Hoarding Disorders
by TrashitMan

If you know someone in the family who has compulsive hoarding disorder, don’t worry. The Trash it Man team is well known for helping families and estate executors clean out excess clutter from apartments, homes and estates.

With time, recyclable materials may build up in the corner, waiting for the day it should be taken in. Empty bottles or containers will be put aside, waiting for recycling day. Small bags of garbage build up in the corner, waiting for a nice day to take it out to the trash. Often people just can’t bear to part with possessions, collectibles, or just plain rubbish.

Clean out apartment clutter

If your apartment only has a small path to walk through or your house is getting a bit cramped, then it is time to call our clutter removal experts. If hoarding of little treasures or things that you may just be able to use again one day starts to take up more space in your home, then call the Trash it Man.

People often save cardboard boxes from every little purchase. Some people have compulsive buying or shopping disorders and save up too much stuff in their closet, storage space, attic or living room. Many people just cant part with plain old trash and keep piling it up in the corners until it invades the living space and starts to fill up the house.

Hoarding fills an apartment in NYC

In the kitchen, take out food containers, plastic utensils, plates and cups, aluminum foil bits and pieces, pizza boxes and other junk starts to take over too much space. For some, it is a sickness, for others, it may just be that cleaning day was put off a bit too long. No matter how or why it happens, we can discretely remove all unwanted clutter or hoarded materials. We remove everything in large plastic containers, keeping things out of view of prying eyes. Neighbors will not know the difference from a renovation cleanup or clutter removal.

We use containers to keep things discrete

Call the Trash it Man and get your life – and your home – back in order today!

Serving the greater New York Metro area, including Queens, Brooklyn and Manhattan


December 2nd


Trash It Man Clutter Collection, Removal and Recycling – NYC
by TrashitMan

The Trash It Man specializes in cleanouts and rubbish removal – the kind of cleaning that takes decades to accumulate. It usually includes personal items as well as general rubbish. We are familiar with the reasons people hoard things.

Removal of clutter for Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens

The Trash It Man rubbish removal queens is specialized in providing hands-on work to return an apartment to a safe, livable condition – along with hardworking laborers and top of the line equipment we pull up to your residence with a professional garbage truck and work very discreetly. We work quickly and efficiently to get your project done on time with little worry. The Trash It Man is on your side, we are team players in the garbage removal field.

Clutter removal service for New York

Call 718-326-6969. Serving Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan – Same Day Service

We are reliable, professional and flexible in scheduling your job. In order to minimize the emotional impact of parting with the stuff that’s been saved for so many years, it is important that the customer feels comfortable with hiring a trustworthy company, located at 1640 Summerfield St. Ridgewood, NY 11385. While we work, you are welcome to come in and see what we are doing. We will continue to work until you, the client, are 100% satisfied with the job. We will do whatever it takes to make sure that when we leave your job you are left smiling and content with the work we’ve done. Customers are always welcome to stop by our offices to see our day to day operation.


November 9th


Office Cleanup Professionals. Let us Clear out your office.
by TrashitMan

Is your office or workplace having a cleanout before the holidays?

Office cleanups can be a problem. You can’t tell how much office junk you’ll end up with, plus you don’t have the space for a dumpster, plus a lot of time you’re not even allowed to lug all the junk downstairs anyway in case of injury.

Clean out office space and storage

So what can you do?

You can give The Trash it Man Rubbish Removals a call at 718-326-6969! With a fleet of new trucks, their team will take your rubbish and debris from almost anywhere… from ground floor or top floor, businesses to high-rises towers. Why fill up your storage with all that junk?

Photocopiers, room dividers, whiteboards, furniture, refrigerators from the lunch room, old files and archive boxes, carpet… anything and everything that you could possibly find in an office, they can remove for you!

Give the The Trash it Man guys a call today at 718-326-6969 or book online at www.trashitman.com. With The Trash it Man Rubbish Removal team on the job, your office clean-up can be crossed off the to-do list, leaving you to relax and enjoy.


October 13th