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Howard Beach and Lindenwood Queens Storm Damage Cleanup and Demolition
by TrashitMan

If you have storm or flood damaged property or personal items in the Howard Beach or Lindenwood New York area, then call Dimola Bros at 718-326-6969 for expedient removal and clean up. After the extreme flooding and heavy damage from the recent storm, many people are in need of debris removal and interior demolition. Fast and timely removal of all water damaged property is extremely important to prevent the spread of mold and disease.

Flood debris leaves and filth in the kitchen


If you have water damaged personal effects, furniture, appliances or other bulk items, then look no further. Dimola Bros will clean out your home in a fast and efficient manner so you can get on to rebuilding right away. We even leave the place swept clean with a broom before we leave so you dont have to.


After the flood waters receded, many families pushed their furniture and water damaged belongings out to the curb. Dimola Bros was there to pick up the trash.


Dimola Bros Curbsite Bulk Waste Pickup

Many basements were flooded in the Howard Beach and Lindenwood area of Queens, New York. This means that the water damaged walls and wood framing need to come out right away before mold sets in. You also need to get down to the bare concrete and let it dry out before the winter freeze which will crack your basement walls. We can handle any sized job with our compacting truck, so do not worry. Most of our clean up jobs are finished the same day we arrive. Even full interior demolition jobs and rip outs are done fast and efficiently.

Basement Apartment Water Damaged Wall Removal

Basements floors will need to be removed as well so you can clean and sanitize the bare concrete underneath and stop the spread of bacteria and mold. After ripping our a floor, Dimola Bros team also sprays germicidal bleach all over the surfaces that were under water for you. Tile or wooden basement floors can be removed for you. Paneling, insulation and all trim work can be removed.


Flood Damage Interior Demolition

We handle sheet rock removal and disposal for you as well. The water damaged framing comes out so you can begin new construction right away. Water logged carpeting can be removed with no problem for you. Flood damaged ceilings and flood debris and filth will be taken away and disposed of so you can move back into your home quickly.


Here is a video of the Dimola Bros team cleaning out a flood damaged basement and leaving the bare concrete bleached and sanitized:

Dimola Bros at work

If your house was damaged in the flood waters and you live in the Lindenwood or Howard Beach area or surrounding neighborhoods, then call Dimola Bros to help fast before its too late. Call us at 718-326-6969.


Many first floor apartments, condos and homes were also damaged in the high flood waters of hurricane Sandy. Garages full of tools and equipment were also flooded. Our team can handle any size job. We can take care of full or partial interior demolition as you require.


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