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Hoarding, Clutter and Compulsive Hoarding Disorders
by TrashitMan

If you know someone in the family who has compulsive hoarding disorder, don’t worry. The Trash it Man team is well known for helping families and estate executors clean out excess clutter from apartments, homes and estates.

With time, recyclable materials may build up in the corner, waiting for the day it should be taken in. Empty bottles or containers will be put aside, waiting for recycling day. Small bags of garbage build up in the corner, waiting for a nice day to take it out to the trash. Often people just can’t bear to part with possessions, collectibles, or just plain rubbish.

Clean out apartment clutter

If your apartment only has a small path to walk through or your house is getting a bit cramped, then it is time to call our clutter removal experts. If hoarding of little treasures or things that you may just be able to use again one day starts to take up more space in your home, then call the Trash it Man.

People often save cardboard boxes from every little purchase. Some people have compulsive buying or shopping disorders and save up too much stuff in their closet, storage space, attic or living room. Many people just cant part with plain old trash and keep piling it up in the corners until it invades the living space and starts to fill up the house.

Hoarding fills an apartment in NYC

In the kitchen, take out food containers, plastic utensils, plates and cups, aluminum foil bits and pieces, pizza boxes and other junk starts to take over too much space. For some, it is a sickness, for others, it may just be that cleaning day was put off a bit too long. No matter how or why it happens, we can discretely remove all unwanted clutter or hoarded materials. We remove everything in large plastic containers, keeping things out of view of prying eyes. Neighbors will not know the difference from a renovation cleanup or clutter removal.

We use containers to keep things discrete

Call the Trash it Man and get your life – and your home – back in order today!

Serving the greater New York Metro area, including Queens, Brooklyn and Manhattan

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