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How to Handle a Large Estate Cleanout
by TrashitMan

If you have suddenly acquired an estate full of stuff, you may be wondering how and where to start cleaning it all out. No matter if it is through inheritance, purchase or foreclosure, taking over an estate can be a daunting task. There may be rooms, sheds and garages full of junk. It may be way too much for one person to handle alone. You may even try to take it on yourself only to find that it is too time consuming and way too costly.

Room in an Estate full of Clutter

Room in an Estate full of Clutter

You may have accumulated piles of rubbish and clutter from a hoarder. Or it may be loads of old furniture, newspapers, packing boxes and just plain normal living materials. The kitchen is usually loaded with stuff. The shelves and cupboards are full of junk, most of it outdated old food and cleaners.

The living room usually collects old magazines and books, remote controls and televisions and stereos. Old junk gets tossed into a side room somewhere until you cant even enter it anymore.

Starting to get the picture…..

The Trash it Man team can take away all the stress in one, single day. If you attempt to clean out the whole house, garage, attic, basement and storage rooms yourself, you are literally looking at weeks or months of work. Our team works fast and discrete to clean out the place in a day in most cases. We have multiple trucks, men and equipment to take out all the garbage fast.

Working yourself, you may also find tons of hazardous materials such as car batteries, cleaning materials, old paint, pesticides, fertilizers and the like. Disposing of all this junk yourself can be expensive and time consuming. You will need to locate the proper recycling centers to take all that stuff off your hands. The Trash it Man takes care of it all for you.

You will find loads of plain old junk and rubbish that needs to be removed from the house and storage rooms. Mice, rats and other pests make a mess in the attic and other storage rooms, making it a health hazard for you to work in without the proper equipment. Again, we have everything with us for any job.

In the garage you may find old car parts, batteries, bike parts, gardening supplies and poisonous chemicals that need to be sorted and recycled properly.

Room stuffed with Clutter and Rubbish

Room stuffed with Clutter and Rubbish

The attic and basement become places to toss old unwanted items, waiting for that day that never comes when it will be taken out to the trash. Through the years, it piles up and gets out of hand.

If any of these situations describe your new home, you have two options. One, you can sort through all the garbage yourself. You can get multiple containers and contact multiple facilities to take all the various sorts of waste materials and rubbish off your hands. You can haul everything out piece by piece to the containers until the whole place is clean. Or you can call the Trash it Man to do it all for you in a single day. We will even sweep the place afterward.

We are experts in express cleanout service. We specialize in fast and efficient clutter removal and full estate cleanouts. We can clean out an entire estate or just a single room or storage shed, if needed. House, apartment, garage, attic and basement clean out service.

Call us today and save time and money.

The Trash it Man

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