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Demolishing of a huge ancient steam boiler during a Queens NY interior demolition job
by TrashitMan

The Trash it Man team was recently called out to dismantle and remove a huge old steam boiler from a laundromat in New York City. The old boiler dates back to the old days and was very large and heavy.

Big old steam boiler

Huge old steam boiler

The boiler and oil tank which supplied oil to the boiler were both way too large to get out of the basement. Without dismantling the building itself, there was no way to get the equipment out through the sidewalk access door to the old basement.

Side view of the old boiler

Side view of the old boiler

The Trash it Man crew came in with Sawzalls and cutting gear and started to break the boiler and oil tank down into smaller, more manageable chunks. Due to the size and weight of the material, a gantry and chain come along was used in order to haul out the metal pieces from the basement below the street level.

Below you can see a photo of the gantry setup used.

Gantry used for boiler and oil tank removal

Gantry used for boiler and oil tank removal

Piece by piece, the boiler was removed and loaded onto a truck with a hydraulic lift. Due to the tremendous weight of the parts, the lift was needed in order to get the stuff onto the truck. The oil tank alone was so large that Sawzsalls were used in order to cut it up and remove it from the basement. A photo is shown below.

Cutting up an oil tank to remove it from basement

Cutting up an oil tank to remove it from basement

Many interior demolition companies do not have the capability of removing such large and bulky items, but the Trash it Man team gets the job done. We have experienced, trained and licensed crews to take on any task, no matter how large or heavy the item may be. It’s one thing to have the trucks and the manpower, but you also need the proper equipment and know how to get it done right and safely.

For your entertainment, we have put together a video of the job here:

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