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Wooden Porch Demolition and Rubbish Removal Queens, NYC
by TrashitMan

The Trash it Man team was recently called on to remove an old wooden porch in Queens, New York. Often, due to neglect, old age and weather, a porch or house attachment will start to deteriorate beyond repair. If not removed, this can be a safety hazard not only to yourself and your family, but also to anyone else nearby if it ever collapses. Or someone can be harmed while walking on it.


If you have an old dilapidated porch or balcony that needs to be removed, look no further. The Trash it Man team will help. We get the job done in a single day and remove all debris from the job site. We even sweep the area clean when we are finished. Our team covers the complete New York area, including Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn. If you need a porch demolished in NYC, call us 718-326-6969.


Wooden Porch Pulling Away From House

In the above photo you can see an old wooden porch pulling away from the house. See the gap just under the roof.  It has separated and is slowly falling away. Eventually, if left alone, this porch would collapse onto the ground, two stories below. This is a danger to anyone nearby and to the house on the ground floor. Below you can see Nick, the owner, looking over the job after the roof of the porch has been removed. The Dimola Bros truck is in the foreground. We have our own professionally trained team and equipment. We have our own trucks and are able to remove all rubbish and demolition debris after demolition of the old porch.


Removal of a wooden porch in Queens, New York


Porch and balcony demolition are not simple tasks and must be handled by professionals who have correct equipment or someone could get hurt. We have the knowledge and experience to ensure a safe work site.  Because the balcony or porch is attached to the house, care must be taken to leave the house itself intact and unharmed. The original house roof and walls were unscathed after we were done.


Old, rotten porch was removed from a Queens, NY home

In the photo above you can see the porch has been safely removed and the house untouched. Notice the neighbor’s porch on the right side. The old rotting porch was right next to it on the same level.


For safe porch or balcony demolition, call the Trash it Man team now: 718-326-6969.


Visit our porch demolition web page at http://www.trashitman.com/Old-Wooden-Porch-Demolition.html


We can remove old wooden porches, concrete and brick porches and old balconies. If you have a porch demolition in Queens, New York, call us. For removal of an old, rotting balcony in Manhattan, look no further. If you have a decaying porch in Brooklyn, NY – call our team for expert porch demolition service.


July 28th