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Why It is Extremely Important To Remove Water Damaged Walls and Insulation
by TrashitMan

After a house is damaged with water from flood, rain, leaks or hurricane, the walls must be dried out immediately or you could loose the whole home. After Hurricane Sandy hit New York recently many homes suffered moderate to severe water damage. But even those houses which only had a few inches of water in them could be destroyed if mold sets in.

If your house suffers water damage, the wet drywall and insulation must be taken out as soon as possible. The sooner you get the wet insulation removed and let the wooden frame dry out, the better.

Mold and water damaged walls

In the photo above you can see one of our workers measuring the flood levels after Hurricane Sandy passed through New York recently. This was taken just two weeks after the Hurricane and mold damage had already begun to set in. You can see the mold in the photo, especially on the left inside the shelves.

Water soaked insulation

After the hurricane flooded many homes in New York including Belle Harbour, Breezy Point, Howard Beach and Lindenwood, demolition teams such as The Trash it Man were called in to remove flood and mold damaged drywall and insulation before the mold was able to spread. In the photo above you can see that the mold has already set in behind the sheetrock and the wood framing of the house is soaking wet. The insulation acts like a sponge and holds water for a very long time. There is nowhere for the water to go unless the insulation is removed and the wooden framework exposed to dry.

Water damaged wet wood after hurricane

Mold spores are everywhere. You would think that behind sealed walls there could be no mold growth, but when the house was put together, mold spores were in the air and got trapped inside, just waiting for the perfect time, such as this, to grow and feed on the wood. Refer to the photo above. This is only two weeks after the flood waters receeded and the mold has spread to the wooden frame behind the drywall of this home. Any longer and the damage would have been too extensive to save the home.

Mold rising up walls after flood

Above you can see how the mold is growing up the wall. Drywall will slowly absorb moisture from the insulation that is trapped inside it. The insulation will hold water for months. The sheetrock wicks this moisture out and into the walls. As the water level climbs, so does the mold. Sadly this wall had to be cut even higher than originally due to the spread of mold.

If you are ever in need of interior demolition due to water damage, DO NOT WAIT!

Call The Trash it Man team immediately at 718-326-6969 and save your home. Our guys are fast and friendly. We get most demolition jobs done on the same day. Call us for a free consultation right away.

The Trash it Man team serves the Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens areas of New York City. Call the Trash it Man for interior demolition and water damaged sheetrock and insulation removal today.

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Hurricane Sandy Water and Flood Damaged Sheetrock Removal and Interior Demolition
by TrashitMan

Recently the East Coast suffered a lot of damage due to Hurricane Sandy. Many homes have some water damage from the high flood waters. If your home had high water levels, then you need to get the damaged and wet sheetrock removed before mold and rot sets in. Water damaged drywall holds water for a very long time. Drywall also deteriorates after being submerged in water. The moisture that is held in the sheetrock will be slowly released back into your home, causing health hazards and mold buildup.

If your home had some water damage then you need to act fast in order to prevent widespread damage to your home and possessions. Call the Trashitman for help at 718-326-6969 to remove wet drywall from your home immediately.

In the photo below you can see a home that was damaged in the flood waters. The moisture in the walls is slowly being released into the air. This is condensing on the window. This moisture will get into your furniture, clothing, ceiling and electronics if not taken care of promptly. Within days mold and mildew will set in.

Condensation showing in the windows of a water damaged house

In the photo below you can see some water damaged drywall that has begun to mold. The water level is shown by the ruler sitting against the wall. You can see that mold has begun to spread upward into the wall. Drywall can transfer water up through the wall, causing even more extensive damage if not removed quickly.

The Trash it Man team is here to help. Call us to quickly remove any flood damaged sheetrock asap. If you live in Queens, Brooklyn or Manhattan, New York, then call us for a free quote.

Moldy flood damaged sheetrock walls

Below you can see one of our guys measuring and marking out water damaged interior walls in a home. In some cases, if you act quickly, only the portion of the drywall that was water damaged must be cut away, saving you money on repairs.

Preparing To Remove Water Damaged Sheetrock

In the photo below you can see our team removing the flood damaged sheetrock in order to expose the wood frame underneath to air so it can dry out. Doing this in a timely manner is very important before mold and mildew attacks the frame of your home.

Removing Water Damaged Sheetrock

The owners of this home acted promptly and saved their house from further damage. Now the frame is drying out in the air and will quickly be ready to renovation work. This Queens, New York home owner will soon have life back to normal again. Call the Trash it Man team at 718-326-6969 now for interior demolition and save your home.

Water Damaged Sheetrock Removed

The Trash it Man team is well known throughout the New York City area for helping home owners with their interior demolition projects. Our main company Dimola Bros is recognized throughout New York. If you see the shiny red trucks or the blue Dimola Bros shirts, then you know we are in the area helping families. Stop over, say hello and get a business card.

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