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Office Clean Out Manhattan. Demolition, Dismantling and Content Removal NYC
by TrashitMan

If you are moving to a new location, closing shop or just expanding – and need your office space cleaned out, then you have come to the right place. Call the TrashitMan for help.

No matter what the reason, if your office needs to be emptied out in a hurry or you just do not want to take the time and effort to do it yourself, then you need a professional and fast team to do the job. Let’s face it, time is money. You can have your office personnel help dismantle the cubicles and furniture and empty the contents of the office for you – while loosing important work hours. With untrained, and often unmotivated workers the job of moving out of your office space can take days or even weeks to finish. Ever move to a new apartment or home? Remember how much work it was? Often you start packing boxes months in advance in order to be ready for that big move in a single day. And usually something goes wrong or it just takes much longer than you had planned and you come back another day to finish it up.

manhattan office space cleanout

Or you can have a professionally trained team come and do it all in a day. In most cases an office clean out and demolition job can be finished in a day or two.


We are the experts in Manhattan office space cleanouts. Our team can handle any sized job.


Office cubicle and divider dismantling and disposal. We remove any type of built in office cubicles or office space dividers. It does not matter if they are built in or temporary. We can disassemble any type of office divider for you. This saves your own workers time and money.


Built in furniture, desks and walls removed. Furniture that has been built into the office can be a pain to remove. Large built in desks, counter tops and cabinets require a professionally trained crew to remove.  Our team can demolish it all with ease. Experience is important when you need the contents of your office removed fast.


Filing cabinets, shelving units and closets removed. The storage units and filing cabinets in your office can be so large and ungainly, it is quite a task to remove. Sometimes they even need to be cut down to even fit out of the office doors. Many times through the years a building goes through renovations. Often large items that fit when they were moved in no longer fit through the doors. Door way frames and the doors themselves get changed out with smaller ones. In this case, our training comes in handy. You do not even need to worry about removal of the contents of the filing cabinets. Old files can be properly and safely disposed of. We can handle the professional shredding and removal of your old files and forms.

manhattan office space cleanout

Removal of old computers and electronics. We remove old office equipment as well. Large copiers, fax machines and printers can take a couple large men to move. Often you have just too many computers and monitors in the office. Disposal of this electronic waste costs you money. Not with us. It is included in the job. We can dispose of old computers and monitors. We clean out data centers and computer rooms. Giant antique computer servers and storage systems are no problem for our team and trucks to remove. Computer wiring, network cables and phone wiring can all be removed as well.


manhattan office space clean out


With the properly trained team, equipment and trucks – we get the job done. Our company is licensed and insured in Manhattan for office clean out and interior demolition services. Our team has the proper equipment to get any sized job done fast. We also make sure that nothing gets damaged in the process. Do not let untrained workers risk the possibility of damaging the walls, floors or elevators in the building. We lay down protective covering to ensure that nothings get harmed during the removal job. With a large, heavy capacity lift truck, even the heaviest of items can be hauled out with ease.

Heavy capacity lift truck


We can strip the place down if needed to comply with your landlord’s requirements. You can relax knowing that the Trash it Man team is on the job. We even sweep the floor clean when we are done.


For your office clean out needs – call the Trash it Man for help. 718-326-6969


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May 3rd


Office Cleanup Professionals. Let us Clear out your office.
by TrashitMan

Is your office or workplace having a cleanout before the holidays?

Office cleanups can be a problem. You can’t tell how much office junk you’ll end up with, plus you don’t have the space for a dumpster, plus a lot of time you’re not even allowed to lug all the junk downstairs anyway in case of injury.

Clean out office space and storage

So what can you do?

You can give The Trash it Man Rubbish Removals a call at 718-326-6969! With a fleet of new trucks, their team will take your rubbish and debris from almost anywhere… from ground floor or top floor, businesses to high-rises towers. Why fill up your storage with all that junk?

Photocopiers, room dividers, whiteboards, furniture, refrigerators from the lunch room, old files and archive boxes, carpet… anything and everything that you could possibly find in an office, they can remove for you!

Give the The Trash it Man guys a call today at 718-326-6969 or book online at www.trashitman.com. With The Trash it Man Rubbish Removal team on the job, your office clean-up can be crossed off the to-do list, leaving you to relax and enjoy.


October 13th