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by TrashitMan

Hoarding – is it a sickness? Or are we all guilty?

Nearly everyone collects something. We all have hobbies, knick knacks, tschotskes, and the need to save things and collect possessions. Through the years, the items we save start to gather up in the corners, in your basement or attic. Eventually it gets out of hand for even the best of us. Ever need to clean out your office or study? Ever start getting tired of all the clutter?

Well, we are very aware of such problems – and we are here to help.

The Trash it Man team are the men to call if you would like help with rubbish removal or decluttering your Manhattan home.

Does your home look like this?

Cluttered Study or Office Space

Cluttered Study or Office Space

Or maybe this looks familiar?

Cluttered rubbish filled bedroom

Cluttered rubbish filled bedroom

Or… maybe this?

Rubbish filled room, packed with garbage

Rubbish filled room, packed with garbage

No matter how bad your house or apartment may seem, help is on the way. The Trash it Man team can help you get your life back in order and clean out your home. We can sort through all rubbish in your house and remove only what you don’t want. We can clean out an entire room, or just take out the trash. Our guys will not leave until you are completely satisfied.

Some people collect and start to hoard food items. With others it may be empty containers or packaging. After many years of saving all the packages from your television, stereo, game system, speaker set, home entertainment system, whatever.. it will start to add up. Eventually we need to clean out our space. Our team can sort out the rubbish from your Manhattan, New York apartment and leave you with more space – and peace of mind.

Our workers are not unskilled, low paid workers; but rather they are a highly trained, polite and courteous team whose goal is to see to your complete satisfaction.

If your Manhattan house is getting loaded with rubbish, trash or unwanted items then it is time for spring cleaning. A clean, neat home leaves one feeling at ease in their personal space. You can truly come home and relax, knowing that all that built up rubbish is gone.

Watch your home go from this:

Rubbish filled and cluttered Manhattan Apartment

Rubbish filled and cluttered Manhattan Apartment

To this:

Rubbish free Manhattan Home - After clean out

Rubbish free Manhattan Home - After clean out

And the best thing is that you do not need to lift a finger. Our team will do all the work. You do not even need to be present. Just tell us what you want done and let our experts take charge. Return to a neat, clean, rubbish free apartment.

Our professionalism shows in our team and truck. We have our own garbage truck and trained team of men. Our business is fully insured and licensed to operate a rubbish removal business in Manhattan, New York.

Just think… Would you rather have this in front of your home:

Garbage Removal Truck

Garbage Removal Truck

Or.. This:

Shiny clean rubbish removal truck

Shiny clean rubbish removal truck


The Trash it Man team also handles commercial and property rubbish removal services in Manhattan, New York. If your office is cluttered or you are in the process of closure or moving your office to a new location, we can help you clean out your old office. Our team makes the clean out or move much easier for you.


We often serve property management companies in Manhattan with cleaning out commercial or rental properties. The Trash it Man team has often cleaned out an office, warehouse, commercial retail store or renovation site. We can empty a construction site of all debris for you. This frees up your construction crew for actual, important construction work. Leave the construction site clean up to cleanout professionals.


If you are a property owner who is in desperate need of a cleanout, then call us. We can clean out the entire place, leaving it swept clean and ready for the next renter or for renovation work. And we can clean up after renovation. Call our team to remove old concrete, waste bricks and mortar, junk wood and framing. We can cart out drywall pieces and waste, wall paper and carpeting from your renovation or construction site. Removal of stone and stonework pieces. Old windows and glass hauled away.


No matter what the material you need removed, we can handle it. Cardboard and packaging material, packaging peanuts, styrofoam packing material and plastics. We can handle pallets and wooden crate material. We remove old junk appliances and electronics. Proper recycling of e-waste products, preventing these items from entering the landfills. This prevents contamination of the environment.


We cart out office partitions and dividers, furniture and storage units, false walls and framing, files and filing cabinets, old paper and forms. We can demolish and remove any built in cabinetry and partitions. We dispose of old office furniture and office electronics. Copiers, fax machines and old telephony removed.


The Trash it Man team is a division of Dimola Bros rubbish removal company, Manhattan New York. We have been in business for over 50 years, serving the Manhattan community with rubbish removal services. We take pride in our work, our trucks and our team. We take pride in leaving a smile on our customer’s faces and a clean, neat home behind us.

Some of the work we have done include full property clean outs in the Lower East Side, Manhattan. Construction debris removal in the Meat Packing District of Manhattan. Renovation debris removal on 5th Avenue, NY. House clean out in Central Park West. Storage room garbage removal from a place in Murray Hill, Manhattan. Household garbage pick up and disposal in Tribecca. Office furniture removal from an upper Manhattan office complex. Household furniture removal from a home in West Broadway, Manhattan, New York. A basement storage shed cleanout in Soho. Cleanout of a hoarders apartment in Chelsea. Junk hauling from an uptown Manhattan home. And many others, too many to mention.

For your spring cleaning – call the Trash it Man team. We know garbage.


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