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Crushing Furniture – The Trash it Man Team Crushing Furniture in Compacting Truck
by TrashitMan

We often get called to clean out an entire house. This includes many large items such as televisions (they make a nice crunch), stereos, entertainment systems, shelving, sofas, chairs, tables and more. Our compacting garbage truck eats them all up with a nice, satisfying crunch.

Crushing Furniture during a Queens Cleanout Job

Crushing Furniture during a Queens Cleanout Job

Look at all that furniture lined up to get crunched.

The best jobs are the full house cleanouts. We get to crush pots, pans, dishes, computers and monitors. We enjoy tossing in everything to the hungry jaws of the crushing garbage truck. It eats it all and patiently waits for more, and more and more. With a 3 to 1 compacting ratio, this truck can eat a lot of junk.

Mirrors explode with a nice crashing sound. But the best are the wooden shelving units and entertainment centers. Or a nice, large wooden desk. Sofas are fun to toss into the truck and watch it eat it up. A large queen sized mattress gets compressed to the size of a milk carton. Fun!

Watch our guys crushing tons of junk here:

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December 31st